It is our passion to bring home nature’s wonderful richness and to show the uniqueness of a tree as a piece of art.
Unlike most furniture manufacturers, Yask individually selects each tree in the forest and begins by working on them in our sawmill; cutting them to the distinctively large Yask sizes and looking for their textures, grains and specialties.

With ‘nature’ being our core philosophy, we simply need to be at the forefront of green production.
Our waste material goes back into powering and heating of our facilities and in specially designed upcycled items.
Soon all rainwater will be collected and re-used in our 17 drying kilns.

Also visit for the extraordinary care we spend on showing full details of the origin and history of a tree.
Real Care starts in the Forest.

But the journey continues. If you are ready to accept the value of pure nature and want something really unique we have the ”for lovers” edition available. It is limited, unusual and exclusive.