Ginger oak
Sourced in limited regions in Germany (called there; Kupfereiche) this is distinctive Oak with rich random darker brown wave patterns. The unique colouring is the natural result of certain mushrooms growing in the cell structure of the tree under specific geographical and climatic conditions. See more

Truly weathered oak
When oak is left alone outside for a long time, rain and sun will weather the boards in beautiful grey tones. It needs patience, something rarely available in pure commercial circumstances.
The Yask nomad oak was sourced in Germany at the yard of an 82 years old man who sold his sawmill more than 20 years ago. He kept the boards for a friend that never showed up. See more

Bullet oak
This is an odd name that represents beauty, emotion and has a dramatic origin in West Germany.
During the war bullets hit thousands and thousands of trees.
The trees shielded those who were aimed at and the scars they left behind are invisible on the outside, but marked the inside of the tree forever after in a secretive way.
As the tree grew older the scar created a remarkable blue coloured expression of amazing richness. See more